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The theatre that educates to peace
How it began...

Galilee is a natural theatre of stories, legends, dramas and meeting place of different cultures, traditions and religions. We sensed that - out of this wonderful harmony - relationships could be created, through encountering those who may be different, yet are so close to one other. 

This inspired the creation of the *Amuta Beresheet and the Rainbow Theatre -  intended as a platform to unite youngsters from all ethic and religious backgrounds in Israel - in order to preserve this very sensitive balance and safeguard a dialogue which has been subject to great fragility and despair. 

Through the universal language of the arts, a potential for conversation, questioning and discussion, for engaging and acceptance is discovered, giving young people an opportunity to "drop the masks" and express their feelings.  Enriching themselves via the revelation of the inner splendour of each individual, they harmonize their multiplicity to radiate like the colours of a rainbow.

There was much excitement and a deep emotional desire to support this joint constructive effort in the hope that, as a result, life would take on a new meaning for the sake of all our children's future.


* In 2004 the Beresheet LaShalom Foundation was officially instituted to teach tolerance and mutual respect through the Universal Language of the Arts, as an educational instrument to dialogue - embracing, theatre, music, workshops and personal encounters - teaching & facilitating compassionate listening, critical thinking, and personal goal setting to children and young adults of all denominations aimed at opening creative opportunities for their future. The foundation seeks to create a generation which will approach other cultures with greater empathy and awareness.


Communication Arts as an Educational Model
International Co-existence Networking Initiative by
Strengthening Collaboration Across Fields

  • The development of a leadership that will advance peace by means of the arts and education for humane values, involvement in society, support for participatory negotiations and conciliation.
  • The intensification of joint activities by residents of Galilee from different cultures, religions and customs; the development of educational initiatives that will help people from different backgrounds get to know each other.
  • The enhancement of every individual's identity through a more intensive study of the roots and history of each people, in order to make cultural differences a source of enrichment for personality of each individual.
  • Help and support for the victims of terror in this country and elsewhere; the creation of contacts between victims of terror all over the world.
  • The establishment of an Educational Centre for meetings and study in the spheres of human dignity, tolerance, a common multi-cultural existence and, for dialog between people of different backgrounds; to facilitate hospitality of heterogeneous groups and the organization of seminars and Israel studies.
  • The development of contacts between Israel and the rest of the world, through hospitality for heterogeneous groups, the organization of seminars and Israel studies.


How a tiny multicultural community theatre blossomed into a pedagogical process. . .

The Beresheet LaShalom Rainbow Theatre project activities have been astonishingly beyond our expectations!   We are all deeply moved. Our most cherished accomplishment is that the project has won, not only awards and recognition, but has captured the hearts of all the audiences who have "experienced" our performances and felt the vibrancy of our message.

Since their official "public" debut in 2002, the youngsters of the our community theatre group have toured both nationally & abroad, performing in theatres before audiences of over 1.000 spectators and out-door audiences of over 100.000 participants, and have delivered and impacted their message to an estimated 30.500.000 addressees in 8 years.

The Beresheet LaShalom Foundation Masks Off Project has distinctive productions to it's name. 

The United Colours of Galilee soccer team of local multicultural youngsters continues regular training and participates in the annual summer Mediterranean Soccer Tournament in Italy.

The Beresheet LaShalom Multi-Cultural Youth Leadership Hub at Mount Meron was inaugurated in August 2008. A Unique "Shnat Sherut" Gap Year Possibility for Arab and Jewish high-school graduates to spend a year living together as volunteers teaching peace in the various communities of the Galilee with Beresheet LaShalom.

The "program value" of our theatre project, for the players and the addressees, can be summed up as follows :

For Students & Teachers | curriculum based fulfilling standards in:

  • History
  • Social Studies
  • Literature & Language Arts
  • Multi-Cultural Studies
  • Performing Arts Framework
  • Ecological Consciousness & Preservation
  • Peace Education

For Students

  • Education to Dialogue
  • Self-expression
  • Boots self-esteem & confidence
  • Teaches teamwork & coaching
  • Cultural Exchange & Out Reach
  • Public Communication Skills
  • Trust

For Audiences

  • Exposure to quality theatre
  • Stimulates awareness
  • Enhances interest in further study
  • Fun and memorable way to learn
  • Participation !




Beresheet LaShalom Rainbow Theatre  





"Education at all levels is one of the principal means to build a culture of peace"
[United Nations, Res/53/243/1999]


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