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In Italian bookstores from May 5th, 2008
Diary from the Galilee :
only in peace everyone wins
Angelica Edna Calò Livné

The daily stories from Upper Galilee published in "La Repubblica" in 2006 have now become a book: 29 days of war from July 16 to August 14th 2006 “hoping for the impossible”, the dream of peace
as a common value in the entire Middle East.

"This book is the prayer of hope during the terrible days of war that we lived through in the summer of 2006. It is a Diary with daily entries written by a mother who struggles and strives to give courage to other mothers... During my life I have devoted my energies to education to dialogue, diversity as a cultural value and peace through the arts [...]
While the delirium of the war rages around me, daughter of an ancient Roman Jewish family [...] I have to resort to all of my internal strength, to all of my imagination and patience, to be able to continue my task and nurture trust in life. I have four children and, in that summer, two of them were doing their military service. [...]
Like a charm I am helped by an old friend, journalist of "La Repubblica", who asks me to write my feelings as a mother, an educator and as a woman in those days of anxiety: thus the Diary from the Galilee came to life."

Angelica Edna Calò Livné will be present with Proedi Editor at the twenty-first edition of the International Book Fair of Turin, May 8-12th 2008.
The appointment with the author is for Friday May
9th at 3.30 p.m. at the Author's Space B, International Book Fair, Lingotto Fairs.

order your copy : www.proedieditore.it

Masks Off
Good is in everyone of us

Drop the masks…
Don’t be afraid to say that I want to be loved.
To be able to choose friends without preconditions.
Don’t be afraid to say No without fear.
To accept others who are different from me.
To give all of myself for a dream.               
To be “SHALEM” - whole with myself and
obtain “SHALOM” - peace with the world around me.

Author : Angelica Edna Calò Livné

Price : Euro 10.00
- of which one Euro of each copy sold
shall be devolved by Proedi Editore,
to the sponsorship of the "Beresheet La'Shalom Foudation".
Pages: 120
Format: 11.5 x 19.5 cm

ISBN 88-88016-72-4

© Proedi Editore 2005

ISBN 88-88016-72-4
€ 10,00

The editor will devolve 1 Euro to the Beresheet La'Shalom Foundation for each copy sold.
It takes 1 Euro, yours, to help peace.


The dream (a prophesy?) of Sarah, an Israeli woman. . .
by Angelica Calò Livn






Editor. Itaca Libri



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"Education at all levels is one of the principal means to build a culture of peace."
[United Nations, Res/53/243/1999]


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