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Consequent to the out-standing debut of the Teatro Arcobaleno~Rainbow Theatre Project, the Beresheet LaShalom Foundation published four books, two Cd's of original music scores, documentaries & videos, an array of interesting articles & letters as well as Edna's well-known Diario dalla Galilea - Diary from Galilee - published in La Repubblica, Italian daily-newspaper, now a book.

A new book by Angelica Edna Calò Livné on 10 years of dance theater with young people of all faiths in the Galilee, led by Angelica Calò Livné, Kibbutz Sasa. . .

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Beresheet Shalom: The first 10 years (2001-2011)
by Angelica Edna Calò Livné

Edition: July 2011
Pages: 80
ISBN: 978-88-97350-05-7
Price: € 10,00


"I am a mother. I live in Israel and from my house we can see the hills of Lebanon. I dedicate my life to education and endeavour to awaken in the hearts of those around me, the best part of their being.
Using all my energies to invent new methods and new ways that can allow my students of various ethnicities, religions, languages ​​and cultures, to know each other, respect each other and discover within themselves the resources that can make them strong in their values ​​and serene guides active in the community where they live and will live. This hope is for all young people around the world. "

Angelica Edna Calò Livné


Three books written by Edna currently in Italian !
A yes, a beginning, a hope.
The dream (a prophesy?) of Sarah, an Israeli woman. . . by Angelica Calò Livné

Masks Off
Good is in everyone of us
Angelica Edna Calò Livné

Diary from the Galilee :
only in peace everyone wins
Angelica Edna Calò Livné

Original Music Scores
CD's of the soundtracks of our original operas!
Soundtrack of the opera  BERESHEET
Music by Amir Yaakoby & Rami Harel
Directed by Angelica Edna Calò Livné
Soundtrack of the opera ANNE IN THE SKY
Music by Amir Yaakoby & Rami Harel
Directed by Angelica Edna Calò Livné

Letters from Friends

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Published Articles
We have a vast archive in Italian of Edna's published articles over the years.





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"Education at all levels is one of the principal means to build a culture of peace."
[United Nations, Res/53/243/1999]


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