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Ecological Center for Peace Project

Beresheet LaShalom is disseminating in various continents & its educational message becomes ever more imperative.

We no longer speak only of peace but of inter-culture, of respect for one another, ourselves and the environment that surrounds us, of receptiveness to diversity, of research of local knowledge and know-how to explore and to develop that which unites different cultures.

  • The performances of Beresheet LaShalom have become an authentic "Pedagogic Poem". The youths that participate in our projects, be they actors or spectators, experience and absorb the deeper sense of the values of humankind: justice, participation, sharing, courage, solidarity, sensibility, empathy and a living bond with the world.

  • We have begun a research project in collaboration with the Department of Educational Science of Florence University [Italy] under the patronage of UNESCO and, after a period of stay in Galilee, two post-graduate students of the International Masters of Development have presented a thesis on Peace Education based on the educational methodology of the Beresheet LaShalom Foundation.

  • Young people from all over the world ask to be able to spend a period of time in the ambit of our group so as to take part in a project that develops dialogue at the human and environmental level.

  • We are working on a program with young people of different ethnic backgrounds who will dedicate themselves for the period of a year to this vocation that comprises: activities of art and sport as vehicles of education to dialogue - direction of a radio program in Hebrew and Arabic – help/assist the women of the villages in the area to help them to develop their own potentialities - courses of mediation and negotiation - potentiality of human resources through the consolidation of their own identities and of their own knowledge and know-how - development of a leadership able to collaborate, build and create common initiatives for the protection of the environment and all cultures.


    We need a Center in which to coordinate all these activities, to welcome students and volunteers and all those people who desire to learn to protect the values of humankind and nature through innovative & inspiring workshops of life.

    Our vision is to create a Center in Galilee in harmony with the environment; far from atmospheric and acoustic pollution, a center that in its planning will take into consideration the construction materials, recycling of water and refuse, thermal isolation and the use of alternative and solar energy, in order to transmit and teach that to safeguard the world in which we, and the next generations will live, we need peace with ourselves, with those that surround us and with the world that welcomes us.

    In a climate of deep mutual respect and attention toward the environment, the centre will give the project participants the possibility to consolidate their own individuality & identity, security of their own faculties and the meaning of responsibility of every individual toward Humanity, present and future.

    This Center will be another occasion to divulge & diffuse the message of Beresheet LaShalom and its activities.



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    La “Forma Mentis” idonea allo Sviluppo Umano e alla Cultura di Pace.pdf

    Ecological Center for Peace Project
    of the Beresheet LaShalom Foundation

    Cattedra UNESCO “Sviluppo Umano e Cultura di Pace”
    Università di Firenze.pdf
    peaceunescochair@unifi.it  www.unifi.it

    ENEA – Italia - www.enea.it


    SPNI – WWF Israeliano www.aspni.org
    Re: Investigation of a cooperative peace and environment project.pdf

    Consiglio Regionale Alta Galilea - Ufficio del Sindaco.pdf

    Office of the President - State of Israel.pdf

    Kibbutz Zivon.pdf

    Beresheet LaShalom Ecological and Art Peace Center
    - youth leadership hub and graduation programs.

    Multicultural centre for educating people to dialogue for Peace.
    Teaching moral values like respect for different cultures, mediation, dialogue development etc.
    The Galilee is a centre of many cultures. It is a great natural resource which is perfectly suited to create an Ecological Art and Peace Center. They all meet in one place.

    The Beresheet LaShalom Foundation has a very broad experience in developing educational Art and Peace projects.

    Rational Project Rational:
    Creating and developing an Educational Center for all people and cultures in the Galilee.
    A centre that invites people to meet and create new wonderful things together, getting to know each other through the best of each other.

    The Center will be able to host activities and guests from all over the world.
    - Multicultural Theatre.
    - Helping youngsters in Multicultural schools.
    - Development of woman’s leadership.
    - Mediation courses for youngsters and adults.
    - Development of Multicultural activities in Hospitals.
    - Development of Multicultural leadership for youngsters in the Galilee.

    The Ecological and Art Peace Center
    Program for planning:
    4 rooms for Artistic activities. 250 m tot.
    One with stage for small performances. One with a multimedia centre. One for video and cinema film and communication studies .One for radio programs.
    1 office and reception hall. (25 m )
    1 storage and equipment, (15 m )
    Toilets for students M & F , and for staff. (15 m )
    10 dormitories rooms , 5 rooms for 4 person( 15 m), 3 rooms for 3 persons(12 m), 2 rooms for 2 persons (10 m), small kitchen and eating hall (20 m).

    These are the main functions in the Center.

    There is a program to create a Commune for youngsters (18-20), volunteers for one year, to work on these social projects.
    There are many requests to come to stage the university studies.

    This centre will be able to develop and expand all the activities that Beresheet LaShalom has been carrying out for so long.





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    "Education at all levels is one of the principal means to build a culture of peace."
    [United Nations, Res/53/243/1999]


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