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Arcobaleno at the 4th Culture of Peace Festival
Sunday   May 14, 2006   at  8.00 PM
Zavta Theatre – Tel Aviv - Ibn Gavirol 30

Angelica and her husband Yehuda devote their lives to reaching out to children
-  children of kibbutzim; Israeli child victims of terrorism (bringing them periodically on vacations to Italy through Beresheet LaShalom Foundation); and Christian, Muslim, Druse and Caucasian-Circassan children of Kibbutz Sasa's neighboring villages on the Lebanese-Syrian border. These children are the actors of the Rainbow (L'Arcobaleno) Theater productions, which focuses on pantomimed dance, and expressing emotions through body language.

"Beresheet" enacts the eternal cycle of birth, war, death and renewal.  "Anne in the Sky," is a freely interpreted Diary of Anne Frank, conceived and written by Angelica Edna  Calò Livnè and Roberto Malini. While one Anne writes at a desk, another dances the story, and yet another off-stage girl's voice recites a selection of Anne's thoughts, attesting to her great talent and humanity . The play is dedicated "to Anne Frank and to all children who live in places where it is still difficult to dream."   Anne's words of hope and belief in humankind are universal.

Angelica's message wells up from inside her. In one breath she conveys a myriad of emotions: her untarnished faith in Israel's founding ideals, , her passion for peace and her deep identification with the Shoah.  Angelica's dream of peace and friendship extends beyond the theater. Some months ago, she brought 50 Israeli women across the frontier into a nearby village to make bread with 150 Palestinian women.

From an article of Lisa Palmieri Billig  Jerusalem Post  -  September 15, 2005
 after the 6th tour of performances in Italy.

The event is under the patronage of the On. Prof. Yuli Tamir Minister of Education and Mrs. Anna De Bernardin spouse of the Italian Ambassador  in Israel.


  Press 2006  
Teatro Arcobaleno Rainbow Theatre
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