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 Summer Solstice Activities of Beresheet LaShalom
June ~ July ~ August  2008
Dear friends,
   The summer has flown away and here we are, dear friends, to share with you the memories, the efforts and achievements of Beresheet LaShalom:
The end of school year holidays, our Soccer team's trip to Italy, the Italian Children's Camp in Israel and the preparation of the new multi-cultural group of Beresheet LaShalom - the Volunteers of Mount Meron - girls and boys aged 18, from all cultures of the Galilee, who will devote a year to our educational activities, have absorbed much of our time.

June 2008

bullet 16/6 Workshop with the Rainbow Group exploring "The Five Rhythms" with Aviya Reches.
bullet 16/6 Evening meeting and workshop led by Edna and Yehuda, with members of Beresheet LaShalom Theatre Namir - [over 18]  with fifteen Young Leadership Americans from the Jewish Community of New York - entitled: "The society in which I live."  Followed by a cosy late evening together around a bonfire dinner.
bullet Performance of "Beresheet" at the pool side of Kibbuz Gazit.
bullet 25/6 End of school year show at the Wilkomich School of Rosh Pinna - entitled:
"In search of a dream: 60 years of Israel".
bullet 26/6 End of school year show with the disabled members of Edna's Tellem Drama Group at Shomera.
Everyone turned up for a last "group finale" - and they all look forward to continuing this workshop next term. WE NEED HELP TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN !!!
bullet 27/6 End of school year show of the children's group of the Arcobaleo-Rainbow with their parents in Sasa. Everybody enjoyed themselves.
bullet 30/6 End of school year performance with the teenage group of the Arcobaleo-Rainbow Theatre and their parents, at Sasa. A wonderful evening, where we savoured the delights of all the specialities that our mixed cultural group of mothers prepared in honour of the performance at this lovely get-together!

July 2008

bullet The Beresheet LaShalom Soccer Team  - "United Colours of Galilee" - journey to Italy for the third year running to participate in the International  A5 Youth Soccer Games in Friuli - CONOSCIAMOCI 2008 -
bullet Annual Italian Summer Camp in Israel in cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute of Tel Aviv.
bullet Italian TV interview with Marina Gershony - television director and journalist of Elle.
bullet Summer Reunion organized by the youngsters of the Arcobaleno-Rainbow Theatre.
bullet Meeting with the Volunteers of Garin Har Meron, the Beresheet LaShalom Multi-Cultural Youth Leadership Hub, together with representatives of Spni and representatives of the Shlomit Foundation for implementing the Shnat Sherut project: Mitnadvim I Beresheet - Volunteers from the Beginning.

August 2008

bullet Performance of Beresheet at Leo Beck Theatre in Haifa for 120 Jewish and Arab children in a summer colony of Haifa Municipality.
bullet 17/8 Official opening of PROJECT HAR MERON with 11 volunteers, 18 years of age, from various cultures, that will dedicate themselves for one year to Educating to dialogue, mediating differences and unveiling common values.
bullet Meeting of the members of Garin Har Meron with Italian volunteers active in the village of Fassuta.
bullet Activities with 60 youths in the Arab town of Shfaram: art workshops, dance and theatre run by the Mount Meron Group.
bullet 25/8 Participation of children in the show Beresheet at the "Meeting of Animators from across the Galilee", together with their families (1200 persons) at Monfort Lake, near the town of Maalot.
bullet Assembly with the parents of our Volunteers at Mount Meron.


For now, after the first week, really great!

bullet The performance Beresheet, renewed and enriched with new experiences, is ready.
bullet Their house almost all ready, equipped and renovated (they are very good and have hands of gold).
bullet They have already visited and received the Mayor of Hurfeish, Rehania today Avivim, Alma and Kadita. During this week they will visit places and get to know the youths with whom they will work with in formal and informal education in the next year with Beresheet LaShalom.
bullet They cleared a creek and had a lesson in ecology.
bullet They made their first entree with educational activities at a camp of 40 Arabs youths from Shfaraam who were guests at the hostel of Mount Meron.
bullet They got organized and divided their tasks: who is in the kitchen, who purchases, whose cleaning shift, who wakes up and organizes.
bullet They decided that in respect of the Druze and Muslim girls they will not call themselves a Commune, due to negative connotations in their culture, but CASA.
bullet They have already received great sympathy and enthusiasm the young Chairman of the Board of Sansepolcro - Gianluca Enzo Buono, another charming young lady from Milan, specialising in 'Pedagogical Consulting and Educational Research' - Leslie Franco: today they shall meet the journalist Anna Rolli of Quaderni Radicals . Tonight will meet with a group of Italian volunteers of the International Co-operation, guests in the village of Fassuta.

Now we will work on the IMAGE OF THE EDUCATOR:
important decisions such as personal responsibility, creativity, participation [ smoking, alcohol, narghile', communal cash flow ... "to be an example to others I must begin from myself" ]

Just to give an idea of what we've been up to this summer. . .
we look forward to bringing you more exciting developments.

A big thank you to all our friends, supporters and sponsors who help us to make this keep happening!
Angelica & everyone at Beresheet LaShalom.

24 August, 2008



Teatro Arcobaleno Rainbow Theatre




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"Education at all levels is one of the principal means to build a culture of peace."
[United Nations, Res/53/243/1999]


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