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 Vernal Equinox - Spring Activities of Beresheet LaShalom
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We wish to tell all the friends of the Beresheet LaShalom Foundation about our vernal equinox and spring activities. More and more young people are taking part in the activities of the foundation. The Arcobaleno Troupe meets every Monday between 6 and 8 p.m. for a theatre workshop, and on Tuesdays from 3 to 8 p.m., to prepare and record two broadcasts of the radio program, “Shalom to you Salaam”. On Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m. the children of the soccer team, “United Colours of Galilee”, meet for practice. The participants in the project “Beresheet Volunteers”, volunteers in the pre-army year’s program and in the volunteer program in the Beresheet LaShalom community, will begin their annual activity during the summer. They are at present in the stage of consolidation as a group and of preparation for the coming year: 12 young men and women, Jewish and Arab, who will live at the Mount Meiron Field School and carry out activities in the communities of the Galilee. In addition, a group of young people with special needs is active in “Telem”, and another group is preparing a special performance for the end of the school year at the Wilkomitz school in Rosh Pinna.

March 2008

bullet The Beresheet LaShalom Foundation was accepted as a recognized foundation eligible for support and assistance from the “Shatil” organization. This after a precise and thorough investigation to determine whether the foundation’s activities truly meet the criteria of “Shatil” and the New Israel Fund.
bullet On March 7 the The Theatrical Group of Tellem (composed of disabled people), under the direction of Edna Calò Livné, presented a charming performance written by the participants themselves, “The Sad Princess”. The performance took place at the Me’ona Theatre, accompanied by the great excitement of the performers and their families. The event was a great success and was acclaimed by all those present. It inspired an atmosphere of joy and great hope concerning the abilities of the performers.
bullet On March 13, presentation by Edna of Eran Kolirin’s film “The Band” at the Cinema Anteo in Milan, Italy.
bullet The Beresheet LaShalom Foundation has received three theatre scholarships from the Theatre of Roberto Malhab, director of the Italian site “Concert of Dreams”, and from Mimi Navarro, president of the Italy-Israel Friendship Organization. Recipients of the awards are Shachar Koren, Saeed Sarah and Gefen Perez, who have distinguished themselves in the theatre's activities and in the production of the radio program “Shalom to you Salaam”.
bullet Two new internet sites have been created:, where recorded broadcasts of the radio program can be heard; and, dedicated to the activities of the Beresheet LaShalom Soccer Team project United Colours of Galilee, now in its third year.

April 2008

bullet On July 4 there was an evening of performances for the parents of the Arcobaleno troupe. The performers prepared for their parents and friends a number of improvisational sketches, inspired by a fascinating session with Ilan Horowitz, father of Guy (one of the performers), on moral dilemmas in the Israeli legal system.
bullet A meeting with Nir Sarig from the Office of the Prime Minister on the subject of civilian national service. Presentation of the project “Shanat Hitnadvut MiBeresheet” – “A Year of Volunteering from the Beginning” – for Jewish and Arab volunteers in the Galilee. A strong bond was created and a beginning of close cooperation was made to assist in making the idea of volunteering real and actual.
bullet Visit of Dr. Giovanna Anselmi, project director of the Italian organization ENEA, to launch the Ecological Center for Peace, at the Mount Meron Field School.
bullet A promising contact with Keren Spaner of Vancouver, who is acting to bring the Arcobaleno theatre troupe to perform in Canada.
bullet Contact with Natalya Indrimi of the Primo Levi Center in New York, also acting to bring the Arcobaleno theatre troupe to perform in the United States.
bullet Meeting of the persons involved in the creation of the Ecological Center for Peace: Dr. Giovanna Anselmi of ENEA; Gali Katz and Yuval Sela of Tzivon – e-learning and Smart House; Zehava Dror from the ecological committee of the Upper Galilee Regional Council; Hawaz Hossein, director of the education department in the Druze village of Hurfeish; Daniel Zelenko, director of the Mount Meron Field School; Belinda Hollander, development and co-ordination of multi-media projects of Beresheet LaShalom; and Shlomo Levi, head of the Merom Hgalil Regional Council.
bullet Meeting between volunteers in the pre-army year’s program and students of the Arab school Sheikh Danoun to coordinate the pre-army year’s program and cooperative volunteering.

May 2008

bullet May 5 – performance of “Beresheet” – “In the Beginning” – in the courtyard of Tel Hai, before120 visitors to the Galilee from the Jewish Community of San Francisco, California.
bullet Meeting in Me’ilya with the principal of the high school, to coordinate the volunteer projects of Beresheet LaShalom.
bullet May 7 to 13 – tour of the Arcobaleno theatre troupe: presentation of the book "Diary from the Galilee, only in peace everyone wins" at the International Book Fair of Turin; two performances of “Beresheet” in Lodi, organized by Carlotta Morgana together with Andrea Ferrari of the Lodi municipality; a performance in Cinisello Balsamo, organized by Mimi Navarro of the Italy-Israel Friendship Organization; live television interview, "Quelli del Calcio", "Farenheit" radio interviews and articles in Italian newspapers, including Corriere della Sera, Il Giorno, and La Stampa,Informazione Corretta.  In Turin, meetings in schools and workshops at the Fair. Warm reception at the Torino Jewish School and in the homes of friends of Israel and Beresheet LaShalom.
bullet May 14-15 – participation in the President’s Conference in Jerusalem, marking Israel’s 60th anniversary.
bullet May 17 – live radio interview with the Italian Radio in Australia on the program Lo Scandaglio of Umberto Martinengo  about 60th Anniversary of the State of Israel.
bullet May 23 to 28 – tour to Bergamo with 10 graduates of the theatre troupe, to receive the Takunda Prize of CESVI  awarded to Beresheet LaShalom for the best foreign project for education towards peace ( Reception in the home of Marina Salomon, a dear friend and active supporter of the Beresheet LaShalom foundation; performances of “Beresheet” in Bergamo at the Teatro Qohelet and the Donizetti Theatre, one of the largest and most renowned in Italy. The troupe enjoyed the hospitality of the Convent Hospice, Piccole serve del Sacro cuore di Gesu' where Sr.M.Caterina and sisters reserved a marvellous and memorable reception for them.

May 29 – gathering and lecture at Kibbutz Beit Nir, organized by Daniela Donati, on the activities of Beresheet LaShalom, enriched by stories, anecdotes and tapes. Dani Trainin, head of the regional council, was also present. The crowd displayed great interest and emotion toward the stories and the hope inspired by the vision of Beresheet LaShalom. The Arcobaleno troupe has been invited to appear.

June 3, 2008

To Edna many hearty greetings

Your group’s stories are true, moving, and important for those engaged in the work, and for all of us. Not less, in my eyes yours is a sacred work. It is a human encounter and particularly difficult since our propaganda is weak and ineffective in the world.

During all the time you were present I was moved to tears.

You and all your young partners gave me a chance to go on believing that there are also beautiful people, that human values are important to them, and that there is meaning in our society.

I enjoyed your sense of humour (it reminded me of your brother Franco). I felt that you were capable of continuing until the dawn; therefore I hope for another fascinating encounter, because we need people like you who give significance to life.

Express my appreciation to all your colleagues from the smallest to the biggest, including your wonderful family, without whose support it would all be harder.

We need people like you to distinguish good from bad.

With great appreciation, a brave embrace and love
to you and all your family,

Yael Levi, Beit Nir

This is a special opportunity to say thank you with all our hearts, to all those who welcomed us with affection, hosting, nurturing and supporting us in every area of our work with the many on-going projects of Beresheet LaShalom. To our friends in Israel and throughout the world who do so much from the heart to assist, may you be blessed. Keep up the fine work!

A huge appreciative hug from us all in great friendship,
Edna and Yehuda Calò Livné




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"Education at all levels is one of the principal means to build a culture of peace."
[United Nations, Res/53/243/1999]


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